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8 is Great!

I got the privilege of taking not only Mavericks baptism photos but also family portraits at the Salt Lake Temple. It is such a beautiful location with lots of flowers, great architecture, and reverence for those of the LDS faith. Since Maverick just turned 8 he is getting baptized in the LDS church. This is a very special time and he was really excited. Chelsey (Mavericks mom) is technically my niece but more like a cousin. So I have known Maverick since he was born. It is so awesome to be able to be a part of their families history as I did family portraits for them a couple years ago as well. To see the adorable kids I grew up with to be an amazing mom of three has been such a treat. She always puts family first, and her and her husband Kevin are such a lovely couple that seem to really understand each other and work well together.

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