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Molly Sue

I was able to take little Miss Molly Sue's newborn photographs at her parents home. I do most newborn photoshoots at your home unless you prefer them at a studio. I bring all of my equipment and props with me, but it is easier for mom and baby being able to feed, change, and comfortable in their own space. The Fergusen's have a lovely home and I was able to take the decor that they have and use it in the shoot so that their home sanctuary is remembered from those first few weeks.

The individual newborn photographs are best when taken between when the baby is 7-11 days old. Unfortunately Dad had to work during the time that the newborn session would be it's best so we worked it out to do the individual session within the 7-11 day time frame and then do the family session a couple of weeks later when everyone could be in them. This worked out well schedule wise but also photo wise, as babies change so much during the first couple weeks that Molly had more personality and we were able to get that along with the precious brand new baby individual shots.

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