FAQ about Birth Sessions

When do you arrive?

We will have ongoing communication when weekly checkups happen, usually 35-36 weeks. I will have my scheduled blocked off for you from 38-41 week unless there is a need for a different time frame. When you start to feel contractions send me a text, and then again when you are checked into the hospital (if you are going to one). Once you are in active labor I head in right away.

Do you take pictures of everything?

I take pictures of what you are comfortable with. We will discuss what you want ahead of time in our meeting and I can take pictures of your baby being born, or just the reactions of you and others in the room of seeing and holding your baby for the first time.

What happens if I have to have a cesarean section?

The determination of whether I am able to come into the operating room for a c-section is usually up to the anesthesiologist. That being said, I have been able to be in the room for every c-section birth that I have been a part of. However, in the case of an emergency c-section pictures are unable to be taken in the operating room.

What if you are unable to make it?

I clear my schedule for two weeks before and one week after your due date, unless we discuss a different window ahead of time. During those three weeks I am on call 24/7. While I have never missed a birth at the time of this writing, I know that things happen that are outside of my control, especially with babies. Therefore, if I am unable to make it to the birth you will have your newborn session free of charge along with the photographs that I am able to get at the hospital.